For the hands on Certified Practitioners and Technicians we have a variety of materials to assist you in fabricating your own Orthotic and Prosthetic applications.

•Scoliosis Accessory Pads
•Dacron Backed Straps
•Cobb Rulers

Cad/Cam: Visit our VMX Cad/Cam foam page

Thermaliner: Our thermaliner is a white medium density, hypoallergenic, cross-linked Polyethylene Foam. For use in fabricating Spinal Orthoses, Upper and Lower extremity Orthoses. Our 3/16” MINI roll 5” wide has a variety of uses for quick applications-ankle pads, building up spinal molds, and foot orthotics.

Orthopedic Grade Plastics:
Copolymer, Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), Modified Polyethylene (MPE), and Polypropylene.

Color Transfer Paper:
Add a little glimmer to the above plastics for your patients’ Orthosis and make it fun to wear


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