• Designed to decrease decompensation and coronal
plane trunk shift(s) to achieve overall spine balance.
• CAD/CAM designed asymmetrical TLSO
• Orthosis made to measurements or to cast
• Intended for full-time brace treatment
• Copolymer
• Thermaliner
• Posterior Opening
• Built-in Illiac Crest Pads
• Optional color transfer paper
• Unfinished or Finished

Orthosis criteria:
• Curve types in which the curve is on the same side
of the CSL as the trunk shift.
• Central sacral line (CSL) is determined by bisecting the sacrum
and measuring to the edge of the radiograph
• Use this measurement from the side of the radiograph
to a point at the height of the T1
• Connect two points by drawing a line (CSL)
• Determine where each curve is in relation to CSL
• Verify that the curve or curves are both on the same side of
the CSL on the out of orthosis radiograph.


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